Here are some pics of my biking/travel in Bay Area/other places.

Lake Merced, San Francisco, May 2022 Bay near Dumbarton Bridge, January 2022 Skyline Boulevard from Windy Hill Summit, June 2021 Pacific Ocean (from Lands End trail), Jun 2021 Golden Gate Bridge (from Battery Spencer), Jun 2021 Lower Crystal Springs Reservoir (from Skyline Blvd), May 2021 Stevens Creek Reservoir, May 2021 Dumbarton Bridge, February 2020 Sharon Park, January 2020 Half Moon Bay - Poplar Beach, October 2019 The Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay, October 2019 Old La Honda road, October 2019 Niagara Falls, August 2019 Spot Pond (Stoneham, MA), August 2019 Sharon Hills Park, March 2019 Pearson-Arastradero Preserve, February 2019 San Andreas Lake, September 2018 Lower Crystal Springs Reservoir, September 2018 Skyline Boulevard from Windy Hill Open Space Preserve, April 2018 Half Moon Bay, November 2017 Bay near Dumbarton Bridge, November 2017 Bayshore Freeway, November 2017 Wunderlich County Park, October 2017 Cañada Road trail, September 2017 Pearson-Arastradero Preserve, August 2017
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