Here are some of the course projects I have done while in Stanford.

  • Audience feedback and low latency video for live theater
    CS 349T/EE 192T: Video and Audio Technology for Live Theater in the Age of COVID
    Autumn 2019-20
    Stanford University

    The course focused on developing technologies to enable live theater performance over the internet.

    • Developed systems for emoji and audio-based audience feedback along with audiovisual effects in the video player.
    • Researched low-latency video transmission using WebRTC to enable live audience interaction.

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  • Implementation and analysis of stabilizer codes in pyQuil
    CS 269Q: Quantum Computer Programming
    Spring 2018-19
    Stanford University

    Stabilizer codes form a large family of quantum error correcting codes that includes well-known codes such as Shor code, Steane code, CSS codes and toric codes. In this work, we build a framework for encoding and decoding of general stabilizer codes on pyQuil and test specific single qubit codes with standard quantum noise models.

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  • Codes for DNA storage
    EE 388: Modern Coding Theory
    Spring 2017-18
    Stanford University

    • Studied the trade-off between coding density and reading efficiency for DNA storage.
    • Proposed practical error-correction schemes based on RaptorQ codes, BCH codes and LDPC codes.
    • Proposed schemes for constrained coding using Fibonacci codes.
    • Achieved close-to-optimal results for a range of error rates.

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  • Understanding the Amazon Rainforest from Space using CNNs
    CS 231N: Convolutional Neural Networks for Visual Recognition
    Spring 2016-17
    Stanford University

    • Participated in Kaggle contest “Understanding the Amazon from Space” by Planet Labs.
    • Tested various architectures for multi-class, multi-label prediction of weather and land-use features based on satellite images of the Amazon rainforest.
    • Received Bronze medal from Kaggle for getting leaderboard rank of 67 among 938 teams.

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